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Business and Leadership

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Improve your marketable leader skills and success in the business world by taking a business or management course.
Business and Leadership


CIW Social Media Strategist
Price: $399.00
This course teaches the foundations of social media technologies, communication methods and how to engage consumers using various tools. You will learn how social media is used in a business setting, and how to use social media to boost brand recognition and achieve organizational goals. You will also learn how to build social media strategies and tactics, build and manage campaigns, and develop social media content. You will learn about major social media platforms, when and how to utilize each platform correctly in business to achieve organizational goals and strategies. This course will teach how to plan, develop, promote, deliver, present, and analyze social media activities. You will learn about how risks, reputation, crisis response, advertising and promoting are managed and maintained. This course will also teach you how metrics, analytics, reporting and social media optimization drive business goals and strategies.. Click here for the full description of CIW Social Media Strategist

Information Technology Level 1 Help Desk Technician
Price: $1,329.00
The IT Level 1 Help Desk is a course bundle comprised of CompTIA A+ and Customer Service Representative (CSR) Exam Prep to give students the necessary skills and certifications to be able to be able to achieve success at an entry level IT Help Desk job. This course prepares the student to take the CompTIA A+ and HDI Customer Service Representative certification exams. Included in the purchase of the course is a FREE 12 months access to a cloud based lab platform to assist students develop the practical information technology (IT) skills necessary to succeed in high demand IT jobs.. Click here for the full description of Information Technology Level 1 Help Desk Technician

Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR ®) Exam Prep
Price: $999.00
Learn about the exciting world of today's Human Resource Management and prepare for the PHR ® Exam throughout this online course. This HR management course weaves together solid human resource principles, timely research and recent events, such as the latest rise in unemployment and financial problems facing the U.S. and other countries. This course highlights important challenges facing managers and employees in today's business climate. Interesting case studies explore real companies and organizations in-depth and delve into some of today's most effective, unique approaches in dealing with HR issues. Upon completion of this course, students will have the skills necessary to serve as Human Resource Managers, as well as the preparation needed to sit for the PHR ® exam. . Click here for the full description of Professional in Human Resources ® (PHR ®) Exam Prep


Editing and Proofreading for Business Writers
Price: $450.00
Writing well means following the rules so that you can best make yourself understood. We will review some basic grammar and look at correcting common mistakes that can make our writing harder to read. In this course we will review some basic grammar and using the parts of speech correctly in our writing.. Full description of Editing and Proofreading for Business Writers

NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals
Price: $299.00
The course focuses on customer service and the sales process, with the following high-level performance goals for participants.. Full description of NRF Retail Industry Fundamentals


Data Security Compliance
Price: $279.00
This course outlines important data security measures to be taken by individuals to protect sensitive data and PI. Some of the topics include how to prevent data breaches, safeguard, protecting your personal information, and different types of breaches. The security measures outlined in this course not only protect the individual (mobile devices, etc) but also protect data up to the corporate level. These safe practices can prevent hacking into personal social media accounts up to hacking of sensitive corporate data and data breaches. Learn how to better protect yourself and your company by implementing these security measures into your usage.. Full description of Data Security Compliance

Effectively Handling Supplier Nonconformances
Price: $400.00
In this course the learner will acquire how to identify and handle supplier nonconformances and to understand key components for building a supplier partnership program. Participants will gain insight into the differences between short-term (interim/remedial) action and long-term (corrective/preventive) action. Participants will learn how to implement key supplier metrics for monitoring and improvement. Participants will learn how to develop, implement and maintain effective supplier nonconformance and supplier partnership programs in their organization.. Full description of Effectively Handling Supplier Nonconformances

Grant Writing Fundamentals
Price: $275.00
Need funding for future projects or planned activities? Are you (a student, parent, teacher or school administrator) hoping to find a way to pay for research or services we all used to take for granted, which are no longer funded? This course provides a step-by-step approach to preparing winning grant proposals. Learn to write successful letters and grant proposals. Researching and approaching funders for grant money can help you develop new services, (strengthen your operating budget) and support existing programs. Students leave this course feeling confident in their grant writing abilities and ready to start winning the funding they need to help make a better life for themselves and others.. Full description of Grant Writing Fundamentals

Personality Types Among Us
Price: $225.00
Does your co-worker seem to be speaking a language you don't understand? Is your boss impossible to get along with? Are you having a hard time motivating one of your employees? The key could be that their personality and yours don't mesh. This course will explore personality theories and allow you to discover your own personality and how that affects the way you think and work. You will also explore how other personalities think and work and some communication and motivational tools you can use to be able to work better with them.. Full description of Personality Types Among Us

Real Estate Investing
Price: $139.95
This course will provide the core foundations for successful real estate investment. Becoming a real estate investor is fairly easy – just go out, buy a property and boom you are an investor! Unfortunately, it takes much more than that. It takes skill, strategy, business acumen, active research on properties and communities coupled with finance and negotiation principles just to become a valued competitor in this high rising field. This comprehensive course will use learning activities, practice exams, and assignments to help students learn the foundational components to becoming a successful real estate investor. . Full description of Real Estate Investing